How to figure out if a disk is attached to local SATA ports or part of a JBOD array over an HBA card in Linux (Ubuntu)

If you followed my big write-up about installing an HBA card for the first time in Linux, then you probably know where this post is going. In my particular setup (Chia Farming) – I have 6x SATA HD’s in the main enclosure and another 12x in an external enclosure. The host machine sees ALL of … Read more

Linux (Ubuntu), ASUS Z590, LSI 9201-16e HBA Card and how the hell you get it all working together

I hope to save you a lot of time if you are new to the world of HBA cards and external drive enclosures. Quick Reference You might run across the phrases “HBA Adapter” or “RAID Card” used interchangeably in forums and posts – they aren’t necessarily interchangeable terms but are highly related, so the nuances … Read more

Bitcoin is Time

If you are in awe at the innovation happen in the blockchain space, I can’t recommend strongly enough to take your time and read Gigi’s article “Bitcoin is Time“. They strike me as a writer that is just as much a master of pros as an “artistic historian” of the subject as well – carrying … Read more