NVIDIA + Fedora Updates = Choppy Framerate

I’ve happily run Fedora for a few years now and noticed this unpredictable problem that goes something like this: I haven’t put any effort into figuring out what is going on here beyond some cursory searched from time to time, but if you’ve been in the Linux Desktop space for any amount of time, you … Read more

Keybase (Electron App) won’t run on Fedora 33 / 34 / 35+

Well just like troubleshooting the problem with Chia Light Wallet not starting on Fedora 35 for me, it looks like Keybase suffers an almost identical problem and both are Electron-based applications. Following the Linux Install Instructions on the Keybase site, you’ll: Install the RPM Execute the run_keybase command OPTIONAL: Run the new Keybase desktop shortcut: … Read more

Chia Light Wallet (Electron App) won’t load on Fedora 33 / 34 / 35+

The Chia Network has officially released a Beta of the Chia Light Wallet (scroll to bottom of the download page). Up until now everyone has either been using the Wallet directly integrated to their Chia Node (the default Chia software you run to Harvest or Plot), Nucle, Goby or Arbor (although I don’t recommend this … Read more

How to remove a disk from a Dell PowerEdge PERC H710-managed RAID0 array in Ubuntu without restarting

Finding the answer to this took me forever for 2 reasons: Dell has never supported Ubuntu super well – it’s “left up to the community” so relying on their official repos for installing command line utilities is a bust or outdated by a half-decade. I constantly found information on EXPANDING an array or REPLACING a … Read more

How to figure out if a disk is attached to local SATA ports or part of a JBOD array over an HBA card in Linux (Ubuntu)

If you followed my big write-up about installing an HBA card for the first time in Linux, then you probably know where this post is going. In my particular setup (Chia Farming) – I have 6x SATA HD’s in the main enclosure and another 12x in an external enclosure. The host machine sees ALL of … Read more

Linux (Ubuntu), ASUS Z590, LSI 9201-16e HBA Card and how the hell you get it all working together

Update: I just re-used this guide on a new LSI SAS 9200-16e I got off of eBay and it worked perfectly; when I plugged the card in it couldn’t see any drives, but after wiping it and reflashing the newest bios (instructions below) it suddenly saw all the drives and I was back in action! … Read more