Chia Light Wallet (Electron App) won’t load on Fedora 33 / 34 / 35+


The Chia Network has officially released a Beta of the Chia Light Wallet (scroll to bottom of the download page).

Up until now everyone has either been using the Wallet directly integrated to their Chia Node (the default Chia software you run to Harvest or Plot), Nucle, Goby or Arbor (although I don’t recommend this one – the UI is nice but the dev team behind it is inexperienced as far as I can tell and I had funds stuck in here for 3 days before I could get them out because their centralized node that coordinates wallet operations went down)

If you run Fedora and downloaded the RedHat/Fedora version of the wallet, installed the RPM and tried to run it – you may notice that nothing happens EXCEPT seeing a few chia-related processes start up:

If you run it from the command line, it’s more obvious what is happening – the Electron-based app is crashing on startup with:
$ chia-blockchain 
Running python executable: 
child process success
Waiting for configuration file
(node:1924973) electron: The default of contextIsolation is deprecated and will be changing from false to true in a future release of Electron.  See for more information
No cert
Have cert
[1924973:0113/] GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye.
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

The Fix (a workaround)

After doing some digging, it looks like the gpu-sandbox setting is the issue and simply adding the right flag to the command line starts the app just fine, like so:

$ chia-blockchain --disable-gpu-sandbox

If you want to modify the Desktop Shortcut that the RPM installs (and is handy to use) I recommend using MenuLibre – it’s easy to find from the Software app in Fedora and after searching for “chia”, it’s quick and easy to modify the shortcut to include the new argument:

Save your changes and you are all set!

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