FYI – NetApp DS4246 Disk Shelf (JBOD) can support 18TB drives

Before I bought a couple of NetApp DS4246 disk shelves I was never able to confirm if they supported bigger disk sizes (14, 16 and 18TB).

Long story short, I just ended up buying 2x shelves off eBay and then a set of 18TB drives and last night hooked everything up and it just worked.

If it helps, I’m using them in conjunction with an LSI SAS9200-16e I bought off of eBay in IT mode and it was all literally plug-and-play (after spending about 20mins fretting over the cabling guide and it not totally clicking for me)

I plopped a test disk in the 1st one and the 2nd one and am writing to them both, no problem. Go figure, that was easier than I expected.

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