Keybase (Electron App) won’t run on Fedora 33 / 34 / 35+

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Well just like troubleshooting the problem with Chia Light Wallet not starting on Fedora 35 for me, it looks like Keybase suffers an almost identical problem and both are Electron-based applications.

Following the Linux Install Instructions on the Keybase site, you’ll:

  1. Install the RPM
  2. Execute the run_keybase command
  3. OPTIONAL: Run the new Keybase desktop shortcut:
Fedora 35 Quick-Search

In all the cases you’ll see what looks like good messages logged to the console, then an ASCII Squirrel, then an empty window shell will popup… then close and nothing:

$ run_keybase 
Unmounting /run/user/1000/keybase/kbfs...
Unmounting and shutting down kbfsfuse...
Shutting down keybase service...
Starting via systemd...
run_keybase: Success!
<SNIP ASCII Squirrel>
$ (return to command prompt)

I did some digging in GitHub and found this comment that clarifies needing to add the --no-sandbox argument to the /opt/local/Keybase executable.

I figured “Oh, this is just like fixing the shortcut for Chia Light Wallet so I fired up MenuLibre and found the Keybase shortcut that the install had added and oddly enough, it didn’t reference that executable – it still referenced the run_keybase command we were suppose to run after RPM install:

MenuLibre editing Keybase default shortcut.

When I hopped in the console to find the actual Keybase executable under /opt, I noticed that no such /opt/local directory existed – instead it was located at: /opt/keybase/Keybase, so I updated the menu shortcut accordingly:

Fixing Keybase default .desktop application path.

I saved my changed and now when I run the shortcut, Keybase starts up just fine!

Keybase start screen

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