How to remove a disk from a Dell PowerEdge PERC H710-managed RAID0 array in Ubuntu without restarting

Finding the answer to this took me forever for 2 reasons: Dell has never supported Ubuntu super well – it’s “left up to the community” so relying on their official repos for installing command line utilities is a bust or outdated by a half-decade. I constantly found information on EXPANDING an array or REPLACING a … Read more

How to figure out if a disk is attached to local SATA ports or part of a JBOD array over an HBA card in Linux (Ubuntu)

If you followed my big write-up about installing an HBA card for the first time in Linux, then you probably know where this post is going. In my particular setup (Chia Farming) – I have 6x SATA HD’s in the main enclosure and another 12x in an external enclosure. The host machine sees ALL of … Read more

Linux (Ubuntu), ASUS Z590, LSI 9201-16e HBA Card and how the hell you get it all working together

Update: I just re-used this guide on a new LSI SAS 9200-16e I got off of eBay and it worked perfectly; when I plugged the card in it couldn’t see any drives, but after wiping it and reflashing the newest bios (instructions below) it suddenly saw all the drives and I was back in action! … Read more